“Bringing out the real happiness in food with fiery spices”

Gervor —  Singaporean, 35.

Being an avid lover for spicy food he has sparked inspiration for his business in 2014 after his first visit to a famous Szechuan mala hotpot restaurant in Singapore.



A snack for every occasion – work, party, school & festival. The authentic taste was key to the creation of oohsg


The revisit of dry the Mala Xiang Guo in 2017 reignite his passion. Through numerous attempts and failures to curate the authentic mala test, he finally succeeded with the help of a chef by using 6 main ingredients to preserve the authenticity of its robust mala taste without compromising the quality. In 2017 Christmas, the trial of his product received massive positive response for its addictive, authentic, fiery and numbing taste. The overwhelming response for its signature potato chips has consequently contributed to switch his home production to a factory in Singapore.


“Ooh, it’s good”, “Ooh, it’s 辣” and ‘Ooh, it’s 麻” were the first responses from everyone – blurting out in happiness when tasting the chips. The brand name was thus named after the responses of our first tasters.


With the uprising trend for MALA and the increasing demand and support from our valued consumers. We have expanded our distribution to 2 outlets in Singapore – Plaza Singapura and Westgate, with the plans of expanding beyond Singapore to cater to our international customers.


“Bringing happiness with The Magic of Spice”

Our mission revolves around the idea to spark joy in people when consuming our chips. We hope to share this happiness not only to our valued customers but together with our employees who have stuck by during the growth of the brand. We to aspire to be part of every occasion snack necessities. In due to meet the expectations of our customers, we pride ourselves for the consistency and quality of our product we also have chosen the best ingredients possible without including any artificial flavouring. “We seek to create our product with the finest ingredients that constitutes for the best spiciness gourmet snack, just for you” We believe an awesome snack like our mala-chips, is definitely worth sharing with our love ones. Every occasion is worth a celebration with good food – #oohsg-Mala-chips.